🟢Performing Swaps

Before you start

Xfai provides a convenient way to trade any token for any other token. Doing so is as easy as selecting an input token (the token that you want to sell) and an output token (the token that you want to buy). Once the desired amount is specified, Xfai computes and shows you how many output tokens you can get for a given amount of input tokens.

If you are interested in understanding the conceptual aspects of swapping on Xfai, visit the Swaps section.

How to perform swaps on Xfai

Xfai enables users to swap any token for any other token. To perform a swap:

  • Make sure that you are on the Swap tab of the Xfai app and have your wallet connected. For more details on how to connect your wallet, check this guide.

  • Select the token that you wish to trade.

  • Select another token that you wish to buy.

  • Specify a desired input amount, or output amount.

  • Allow Xfai to use the selected token.

  • Click on the Swap button within the user interface.

  • Review the trade offer and click on the Confirm button.

  • Once the transaction passes, click on the Done button to get back to the app.

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