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This documentation is a work in progress. New sections might pop-up overtime.

This documentation describes the code functionalities of Xfai for side-chains such as Linea. Even though most of the codebase is the same for the Ethereum implementation, there are slight differences in gas optimization and flash loan functionality.

What is Xfai?

Xfai is a decentralized exchange (DEX), that is based on a system of of on-chain constant function market maker (CFMM) smart contracts. Unlike token-pair-based constant product market makers, the Xfai model does not suffer from fragmented liquidity. It instead uses weighted pools that concentrate liquidity. Xfai's novel design enables users to trade cryptocurrencies like never before, with better deals and minimal slippage.

Why Xfai?

The use of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and more concretely the use of constant function market makers (CFMMs), has grown dramatically during the last years, with many new automated market maker (AMM) model designs popping-up every year.

While automated market makers have found widespread adoption in decentralized finance (DeFi), slippage still remains one of the major hurdles in the space. Remaining aligned with the DeFi ethos, while maximizing the trade performance of DEXs requires new forms of innovation. With the weighted model of Xfai, trade performances drastically improve over other DEX designs, opening up a new era for seamless and efficient trading in the world of decentralzied finance.

Xfai Docs Index

There are 3 chapters in the Xfai documentation:

The Products documentation contains user guides, as well as information on the conceptual aspects of the Xfai V0 AMM. It is designed for users who are interested in understanding how the Xfai V0 AMM works as well as for users that interact with the Xfai Dapp

The Developers documentation contains information on the architectural and technical aspects of the Xfai V0 AMM. It is designed for developers who are interested in interacting with the Xfai V0 AMM on a smart contract level, as well as for developers interested in integrating their DeFi protocol with the Xfai V0 AMM.

The Other documentation contains information on Xfai's brand assets and resources.

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