🟢Boosting an INFT

Funds provided during Infinity Boosting are permanently locked!

Before you start

To better understand what boosting an Infinity NFT (INFT) does, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with Infinity Staking first. That is, boosting is a form of Infinity staking. In infinity staking, after permanently locking a token, an INFT with a given share value is minted. In Infinity Boosting on the other hand, instead of minting a new INFT, one selects an existing INFT. After permanently locking a token, the share value of the chosen INFT is increased by the newly generated share values. Functionally, Infinity Staking and Boosting result in the same returns.

If you are interested in understanding the conceptual aspects of Infinity Staking on Xfai, visit the Infinity NFT section.

How to perform Infinity Boosting

Xfai enables users to permanently lock tokens to increase the share value of an existing Infinity NFTs. To perform Infinity Boosting:

  • Make sure that you are on the Manage INFTs tab of the Xfai app and have your wallet connected. For more details on how to connect your wallet, check this guide.

  • Select one of your listed INFTs. If you do not have any INFT listed in the Manage INFTs section, you will need to perform Infinity staking first to mint one.

  • Click on Boost INFT.

  • Select a token for infinity boosting.

  • Specify a desired amount.

  • Allow Xfai to use the selected token

  • Click on the Boost button.

  • Review the estimated APR and click on the Confirm button.

  • Once the transaction is accepted, click on the Done button to get back to the Xfai app.

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