The interface for the XfaiFactory interface is the following:

interface IXfaiFactory {
    function getPool(address _token) external view returns (address pool);
    function allPools(uint256) external view returns (address pool);
    function poolCodeHash() external pure returns (bytes32);
    function allPoolsLength() external view returns (uint);
    function createPool(address _token) external returns (address pool);
    function setXfaiCore(address _core) external;
    function getXfaiCore() external view returns (address);
    function setOwner(address _owner) external;
    function getOwner() external view returns (address);

    event ChangedOwner(address indexed owner);
    event ChangedCore(address indexed core);
    event PoolCreated(address indexed token, address indexed pool, uint allPoolsSize);

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