🟢Harvesting INFT fees

Harvesting INFT fees for a given pool reduces the INFT's pool share!

In other words, if you harvest, less fees get accumulated overtime for the given pool.

Before you start

Infinity NFTs (INFTs) collect fees from every pool on the Xfai DEX. Harvesting fees on Xfai has to be done on a pool basis. Every INFT has a share value. When an INFT holder harvests from a specific pool, their share value within the harvested pool is reduced. Users are therefore incentivized not to harvest from a pool for as long as possible. Note, The INFT's share for a pool is not affected when harvesting from other pools. The share reduction mechanism after harvests exists to enable long-term INFT holders to maximize profits.

How to redeem liquidity on Xfai

Xfai enables users with INFTs to harvest accumulated fees from any Xfai pool. To harvest INFT fees:

  • Make sure that you are on the Manage INFTs tab of the Xfai app and have your wallet connected. For more details on how to connect your wallet, check this guide.

  • Select one of your listed INFTs. If you do not have any INFT listed in the Manage INFTs section, you will need to perform Infinity staking first to mint one.

  • Click the Harvest button for one of the listed pools.

  • Confirm that the INFT Harvesting guide has been read.

  • Specify what percentage of the fees you want to harvest.

  • Click on the Confirm button.

  • Once the transaction is accepted, click on the Done button to get back to the Xfai app.

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